Virtual football betting – pros and cons

Virtual football betting

See all the pros and cons of placing virtual football bets at Find out why always, but especially now, this type of sport betting activity has been so popular and preferred by thousands of punters from all over the world.

Covid-19 stopped the entire sport world. Unfortunately, football wasn’t saved from this ban. Moreover – according to some theories the epidemic situation got worsen in several countries due to football games. Thankfully, sport betting lovers can survive the absence of sport events. In awesome websites like we can find virtual football betting matches round the whole day. They are great alternatives to real football matches. They have plenty of other amazing benefits to take.

However, like everything else in gambling and in life, in general, virtual football betting has its pros and cons. In this material we are going to discuss them.

Betting on virtual football – cons

  • Analyzing skills you’ve got from sport betting experience might not help you here. As you know, in virtual football betting the computer (the software) is the one that randomly selects how a match will end – the host to win, the guest to win or a draw.
  • There’s a financial risk to lose more money here is obvious. The thing is that within a certain period you are used to spend in sport betting you can place stakes on more matches rather than you could before, when there were real sports events. However, please, note that that this con has a progressive reflection of the opposite pro. The bigger number of events you can participate in gives you a chance for a bigger final win.
  • Virtual sport betting, including on football, doesn’t let you experience the thrill you usually feel during real match. It’s because the event doesn’t actually happen and if you are a big fan of a concrete player or team you will just not be so amazed.

Betting on virtual football – pros

  • The virtual football event lasts less. Usually, an event ends within up to 5 minutes. In short, you can bet more within the same period you usually afford betting on a daily basis.
  • Virtual football events are available non-stop. In any sport betting house with a section for virtual sports you will see events 24/7. Once an event ends, the next one starts immediately.
  • Virtual football betting can be also live football betting. As a matter of fact, you can place a bet before and during the match.
  • Virtual football bets are also more profitable in some way, because the companies tend to offer higher odds in this sportsbook’s section.
  • There’s always live streaming option for absolutely any virtual football match. The biggest bookmakers in the web provide streaming services for their live sections, too. However, not all the events are available at the streaming platform. If there’s no live streaming, the virtual football goes live in an animation format. 

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