Breakdown of Differences: Regular Table Games Vs. Live Dealer Games

Regular Table Games Vs. Live Dealer Games

Ask any gamer on which version he likes in a casino, the regular table game or the live games, and he would be confused. What are the differences between the two is what we shall see here. 

Regular table games have been around for a long-time and were the earliest games for a casino. Later other categories joined in before people started online football betting too. However, more than this, what other reasons could mark the difference between the regular table games and the live dealer games? 

The Dealer

If you check a regular table game at a casino, you will have the screen open to show you a table. There would be the cards and the two or three tables along with dice. You place the bets, and the number would come on the side or the top of the screen. It will happen automatically. 

In the case of a live game, when you get ready to play and click on start now, you will find yourself in a beautiful lobby. It would have a smiling host or hostess, and they would welcome you and prepare the table or your bets.

Therefore, the big difference is the absence or the presence of this live dealer or the host. The live dealer games get a big market and scope only because of this pleasant host. They make the environment lively, and you feel glad to meet a fellow human and not just play against the computer. 

This brings us to the next point- of having communication. 


People started looking for chatting with humans and started missing the club ambiance. The live dealer category is realistic and can give you the feeling of being in a casino or a club. You may want to chat with fellow players like how you would in a casino locally. To give you that feel, in live dealer games, you have a chatbox option. Select the player with whom you want to chat. 

Where there’s Chat, there’s Banter

The biggest point of playing in live dealer lobbies is that you interact with humans. Just as people bond well over a multiplayer game, the live dealer players experience the same. They join with their friends or make friends with their fellow card-mates. It helps them forget their worries of homes, work, and life aside and enjoy a great time. Yes, you can do so in regular table games, but there will not be any human to talk to or have fun with. 

Control the Pace

Regular casino tables allow you to control the pace of a game. If you want to take a break from a game in the middle, just put the game on pause and do your other work. It will not be possible in the case of a live dealer game. The only way you can do it will be to quit the game completely. 

Also, in live dealer games, you have to decide your bets and cards in a few seconds. You cannot analyze by taking time. The regular games will allow you this freedom. 

These are a few of the vital differences between regular table games and live dealer games. Now that you have understood these differences, which one shall be your pick? 

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