World Behind The 100 Yards Field

The 100 Yards Field

Because of the beauty on the field, people often fail to notice the game off-field. This page gives a piece of detailed information about other acts off-field.

Football is one of the most beautiful sports ever to be invented. It is the occasion with the second most audience and popularity in the world, i.e. The FIFA World Cup. Football creates legends and brings together some of the most exceptional rivalries face to face, turning friends into frenemies. The on-field game is so much like being in heaven but on the other hand, it is one of the most popular fields where matches get fixed. The off-field is at the same level as that on the field. Most domestic league games are played under betting results and are fixed from beforehand. 

The game off-field

While the beautiful game is underway on the field, gamblers tend to keep their money on steak for the results. Nowadays, people can even gamble from their homes through various online apps and trusted sites like UFABET. People put their money on the line for their favorite team, and in the end, the result in their favor bears the capacity to be a millionaire overnight.

Betting on a football match has not been something new for this generation. For a long time, since the early 18s, the English men practice this act as a symbol of dominance and power over the other clubs. Even on the world stage, the act has been inevitable as in the world cups. There had been many reports of poisoning a player before a big match, intentionally injuring your opponent at the very half of the game and many fouler tactics. There have also been reports of players not giving their best from the journalists. They paid a considerable amount before the game in the last decades.


Mostly in the domestic leagues, gambling undergoes a lot. Big businessmen and women tend to be the front lines of this act. They even provide sponsors and other support to big clubs and other franchises. These people launder their huge amount of money in these games and thus end up making them white money and purchasing clubs.


The results of such ruthless acts have always been in favor of the gamblers. People find it beneficial to spend their money expanding in this field as it is promising and fruitful. They need no security for the act as the deal gets carried on before the match day without anyone knowing.

Recently, people have found online betting more fascinating, as it is safe and can be easily operated from home. Big businessman appoints other subordinates to carry on the process and even inform them about the market.

In the field of football betting, the odds are highly in favor of the betters and gamblers. They are well secured and are highly confident of their investment as no fake assurance are provided on this platform.

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