Online Table Games Vs. Live Dealers: Which One to Choose?

Online Table Games

Now you can choose which live dealer game you want to play once you make the deposit. Live dealer games will give you the benefit of both land-based and online gaming.

Online casino is a generalized term used for all types of online casino table games. But there are significant differences between ordinary online table casino games and live dealer table casino games. If you don’t know the difference and the advantages of these two types, you will never get the best casino games experiences. You can try the best online slot casino Malaysia to experience the best of it

Here, we will have a comparative discussion between the two types of online casino games in Malaysia. 

What Is an Online Table Casino game?

Online table games are strategic games played in real land-based casinos like blackjack, roulette, baccarat. However, these games are made entirely software-based. No matter how advanced the graphics are made, they cannot match the real feel of the land-based casinos.

However, the graphics are constantly being improvised to match the realistic experience for the gamers. You can play privately in the online casino table games, as there is no need to interact with the dealers or the other players. Cards and chips will automatically appear as soon as you place the bet and press the deal button. 

What Is a Live Dealer Casino Game?

These live casino table games are more authentic and realistic than the regular internet table casino games. These games were first introduced in the mid-2000s, it has only gotten more and more popular with time because of undeniable reasons. The concept behind these live games is that the game is streamed live from an original land-based casino to your device through the internet.

You will even get to talk to your fellow players and the dealers while playing, which makes you feel present at the casino or brick and mortar. You can play these games on any of your internet-enabled smart devices – mobile, tablet, PC. 

Differences Between the Two Types of Online Casino Games

Live dealer gamesRegular casino games
You can interact with the live dealers and fellow players.You can experience the party feel of playing live.On the live games, there is a time limit for bets and decisions.A dealer actually controls the game in a land-based casino.You don’t have to interact with anyone.Regular casinos do not need tips.Here you can control the game.Cards and chips are generated automatically.In these games, risks and stakes are much lower than the live games.


There can be a debate on which is the best online casino gaming experience. A big lot of people can go for the live casino table games. But both the regular and live casino games have their merits and demerits. If you like the authentic feel of the casino and want to interact with others in between the game, then the live version may be an ideal one for you.

However, if you want to play within a lower risk and like to control the game, then the regular online casino games should be more favorable for you. 

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