Poker facts that will blow your mind

Poker facts

Before daftar pokerlounge99 find out if you know these curious facts about poker. Read these fantastic things about the most legendary game ever.

You might think that if you have recently daftar pokerlounge99, it means you know everything about poker, you are wrong.

You now nothing, dear poker player. Poker is a game that has been around for centuries. Since its official acknowledgement, the game has been changed, discussed and played by so many experts, gurus and enthusiasts that it is absolutely normal to have gaps in your poker erudition.

But we are not here to point the finger at you with a blaming way. Instead, we are here to enrich your poker culture and why not even entertaining you? As a matter of fact, there are poker facts that might blow your mind…

  1. There are 52 cards in the poker card deck. But that’s a thing you know, right? What you might not know, because you have never tried to count them, but the total number of the possible poker hand combos is 2 598 960.
  2. It’s not a suggestion or a life-coach cheat; it’s actually scientifically proven that the selection of the proper music for poker playing can change your game in a quite better way.
  3. There’s a hand that’s devoted to Jack Daniels – yes, the whiskey king. This is the hand that contains J7.
  4. The name of poker is not by chance and it doesn’t have a specific homeland. Actually, poker combines a couple of words that come from different countries. To be concrete, poker is formed of “poque” in German, “Pochen” in German and “Brag” in English.
  5. Poker is indeed an old, but gold gambling game. And we’ve got one amazing example to give you to prove what we are saying. You might not believe, but the first TV poker tournament took place back in the beginning of the 70s in the previous 20th century.
  6. The first poker tournament that costs millions of USD – 1 million of USD per buy-in – was played in the 2012th year. What’s more curious about this magnificent event is that it was organized and specially arranged by the CEO of Cirque Du Soleil.
  7. It’s not by chance that online poker has been always linked with the highly rated UK casinos registered in the internet. The British audience’s love to poker has been always legendary. Moreover, the UK is actually the place where the largest poker tournament has ever taken place. To speak in numbers, the tournament invited up to 225 000 players.
  8. Hence, the longest poker tournament shows another country that’s depicted as one of the most poker active nation – the USA. It turned out that in Arizona a tournament that lasted for nearly eight years, took place back in the end of the 19th century.

So did we make it? Did we succeed in blowing up your mind with these unbelievable and probably less known facts about the poker game?

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