Categories of Casino Games and the Many Variations Casinos Offer

Variations Casinos Offer

Casinos and online platforms offer gaming machines, random numbers, and table games with plenty of variations

The three categories of games that you will find in most casinos are random numbers, machines, and table games. Some are all-time classics like roulette and blackjack while others are a combination of other games. Read on to find more about gaming options in each category.

Table Games

This category includes games of luck such as baccarat, roulette, craps, and blackjack. Roulette has variations such as French, European, and American and sa game 88. Poker and its many variations also belongs here, including versions like community card, straight, draw, and stud. All games can be found online, and most platforms feature incentives like deposit and no deposit bonuses and free tournaments.

Gaming Machines

The four types of machines that you are likely to find in casinos include video poker, video lottery terminals, slots machines, and pachinko. Video poker is a computerized version based on five-card draw poker. It has many variations, including full pay games such as Double Bonus, Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, and Bally’s All American.  Low pay poker games are variations with lower maximum payout percentages. This is a way for casinos to increase the house edge but low pay versions also reduce revenue. Examples are 6/5, 7/5, and 8/5 Jacks or Better and progressive jackpot games.

Also known as video slots and gaming terminals, video lottery terminals are often found in restaurants and bars and are usually operated by lotteries. In some locations such as Montana, US, you will also find VLT-type of bingo, keno, and poker machines which can be placed in venues licensed for the consumption of alcohol.

Slots machines are by far the most popular variety that you will find in both physical and virtual casinos. The types of games to try come in a great variety, including 5-reel, 3D, multipliers, mega spin, mobile, and progressive. Online platforms feature hundreds of exciting slots games, with top titles like Buffalo Wild, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Eye of Horus, and Lord of the Ocean.

Finally, pachinko is a fourth variety that is used for low-stake gambling in Japan, with prizes ranging from bicycles and electronics to cigarette lighters, pens, and chocolate bars.

Random Numbers

This category includes keno and bingo, both of which are games of luck. Keno is a type of a lottery game that is offered by national lotteries and casinos and allows players to bet on numbers from 1 to 80. Bingo is one of the most popular games by far, with versions such as electronic, table, and horse racing bingo. Other variations of the game are bonanza, quick shot, shotgun, and U-Pick’em bingo. Most casinos and bingo halls now use random number generators instead of mechanical ball draws that were commonplace in the past.

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