Mind-blowing facts you did not know about poker

facts you did not know about poker

Learn some really crazy facts about poker game in a pause between your pokerace99 events. Did you know these things about poker?

When you are a real poker lover, having an account in a reliable pokerace99 website and being proud with solid wins during several tournaments is not enough. It takes to be fully devoted to this game to call yourself a real poker enthusiast. For instance, educating yourself is a must not in the beginning, but all the time. Plus – knowing some background facts about this gambling game is also recommended.

Today, we are not going to educate you about poker game. Instead, we are about to share with you a couple of mind-blowing facts about poker you didn’t know. Here there are:

  • French people don’t like this fact, but actually poker originated in the States. To be more specific, the motherland of the game is New Orleans. Why don’t French people like it? Well, because, as a matter of fact, the game was invented by French people or at least by Americans, who spoke French.
  • The very first poker game wasn’t played the same way we are playing it right now. The most typical difference is that poker from the olds days used to be played with only 20 cards in total. There’s a trend these days according to which a lot of new poker format inventors appear on the market to make their online casinos more attractive. Some of these developers go back in time and offer poker versions with 20 cards.
  • Can you remember the last poker tournament you joined and got tired of as it lasted up to half a day? Well, that’s nothing in comparison to the oldest poker game ever. The history knows a story about a poker tournament that was more than 8 years long. What about that? Can you play for such a long time?
  • If you think that the poker in real ground casinos is more authentic because of the chips you can actually touch and sense through them the richness that’s coming to you, wait to hear this. In the first years of poker, the chips used to be real golden coins. That’s richness!
  • If agreeing with people who believe that poker is more than a game and more than just a regular gambling product, but a real sport type, specialists say that alongside with football they are the top lucrative disciplines ever.
  • There are a lot of poker records in the Guinness Book. One of them puts the UK as a record-breaking poker country. It’s because the UK is the place where the largest poker game has ever been arranged. According to the official statistics this game invited 225 thousands of players. This wasn’t so much time ago. The event took place in the early summer of the 2013th year.
  • One of the weirdest poker superstition makes players play in…dirty clothes. We don’t know where this trend has come from, but it’s for sure that a lot of people still practice this ritual during the preparation for a big poker game.

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